Gripple Automation is one of the six companies governed by GLIDE. Growth Led Innovation Driven Employee-Owned.

GLIDE is the body that represents all the shareholder members who work in its companies. Democratically voted GLIDE Representatives meet every quarter and it is their responsibility as custodian’s, to question the company leaders to protect and preserve the company principles and culture for the future.

All GLIDE companies are employee-owned and each employee, or ‘member’,  must invest in shares. This vested interest focuses each individual on innovation, improvement and growth and together are committed to delivering their best to each other and to the valued customers.

We also have our own 'GLIDE House' in Sheffield with an excellent conference facility, gym for all members, kitchen and bar!

In Gripple Automation, the newest company in the group, our vision is simply to...Increase Productivity, Empower People, Succeed Together.